I love bringing data to life with infographics and animations. This interest developed while attempting to keep students or others awake while talking about complex research projects. I started developing animations around 2012 with In-Mind Foundation. I've also worked on a number of infographics and interactive plots.

Some projects

Social psychology videos

The Inquisitive Mind Foundation is a cross-national team of passionate researchers in psychology who work to bring psychological science to the general public. I was fortunate to be part of the team, first as part of the editorial team of In-Mind Magazine, and then leading the Social Psychology Videos project. The production of the videos was supported by a Grass Roots Grant from Tilburg University. We made videos based on scripts from world-leading researchers. All the videos are produced, drawn and animated by me.

Videos for parents

I am part of a team making an app for parents of young children. One of the app features is a collection of videos about child development for parents. Based on background research by the team, I produced the video scripts and drew and animated the characters.

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